Prototypes &

Product Samples

Need a prototype or product sample for your garment or fashion accessory idea? Don’t have a sewing machine? Lack sewing knowledge? When you have an idea for a new product but don’t know how to make it, get the most out of your development budget with prototype and product sample creation with Jill Bates Fashion.

Experienced in fabrics, threads, needles, buttons, zippers, flaps, buckles, closures
Create your prototype or product sample with someone who has more than three decades of professional sewing experience as a fashion designer, seamstress, and prototype producer.

From sourcing low cost, high quality raw materials to fabric engineering know-how, Jill Bates Fashion has the knowledge and proven skills to bring your idea to life.

Impress investors with Patterns & Operation Sheets for manufacturing
When potential investors are judging the viability of your product, a well-made prototype or product sample is critical. Jill Bates Fashion  analyzes your idea, tests functionality, and creates an efficient process.

Bringing your product to market requires a verified pattern and an operation sheet for manufacturers. Jill Bates Fashion produces master patterns and operation sheets, both elements crucial to keeping future production and labor costs as low as possible.

Stand out to investors when your prototype or product sample is positioned for mass production.

Master Pattern: The finalized patterns for making a product.

Operation sheet: Technical written instructions for assembling your product.

Save time and money and deliver a completed master pattern and operation sheet to your manufacturer.

Prototype ideas for active wear, games, household soft goods, and retail displays
Prototypes of fashion accessories and other unique product ideas in fabric created by Jill Bates Fashion:

• Sports bra with pocket for phone
• Accessory for eyeglasses
• Display for jewelry
• Display for country club
• Pillow case with a zipper pocket
• Yoga pants with detachable/reversible band
• Bean bags for a popular lawn game