RefashioningHonor family tradition and enjoy modern trends with Wedding Dress Refashioning.
When mom’s or grandma’s wedding dress is a family keepsake, consider Dress Refashioning. Also known as redesigning, refurbishing, or upcycling, Dress Refashioning is when an older gown is reimagined to preserve an heirloom, or with whole new style in mind.

Preserve a treasured wedding dress as an heirloom or update it to a more contemporary style. Jill’s years of experience in custom wedding and special event alterations means she is experienced with the materials, embellishments, and dress construction techniques of past eras. Dress refashioning will give your family heirloom new life. Feel beautiful, in style, and connected to your family history!

Gowns can often be taken in, and most gowns can also be made bigger and longer depending on the design. Bring your family heirloom in for a consultation with Jill. Allow six months to one year to design and alter an older gown.