gown-preservationProtect your wedding gown in order to pass along the special heirloom. We provide services so that you can keep your dress in its pristine condition for the next generation.

Each dress is treated according to the individual characteristics of the gown. Before cleaning, it is inspected so that the best process is applied; all processes are safe, gentle, and done by hand. After inspection, an anti-sugar treatment is used to prevent yellowing due to sugar staining from cake icing, wine, body oils, etc.

The gown is then carefully packed into a box-shaped chest, where it is visible through a display window. The gown will be protected with acid-free tissue paper, and it may be taken out of the chest to view at any time.

Some people are under the false impression that gown preservation means vacuum sealing your gown. This is harmful for any fiber because there is no air around it which will make it unable to stand up through time.